To Be A Nation Again

1999. Pre-millenium fever. Scotland is about to get its first parliament in 300 years. Yet for every second Scot, so-called 'devolution' is not enough. They want full independence for Scotland.

1999. Nationalism still causes bloodshed across Europe. Why not in Scotland? What makes the Scottish National Party so different from others?

1999. 100 days in the run-up to the first democratic Scottish Parliament Elections ever. We follow five SNP candidates in their constituencies all across Scotland. The promise not to use any footage before the elections gives us unique insights, from confidential strategy meetings to lonesome street canvassing.

This is an observational documentary without narration, just the occasional question by the filmmakers, who also want to find out what voters think about independence, be it fishermen in the remote Shetlands or the genetic engineers who created Dolly the sheep.

The film also features SNP leader Alex Salmond, 'Madam Ecosse' Winnie Ewing, and their best-known supporter, Sean Connery.